Another Bliss Win!

A huge congratulations to our lovely Blissette Cassie who won the Performer category at Heir to The Chrome 2016!
Along with Cassie’s family, a team of Bliss Instructors and fellow students supported Cassie at the event. The whole competition was fantastic to watch! the standard was amazing and every competitor should be very, very proud of themselves.
To enter a competition, potential competitors need to create a routine within the guidelines of the competition and level/category they are entering. Then the routine is filmed and submitted to a judging panel. Normally there are around 20-30 video entries per category and on average 5-6 people get through to the live finals.
Once a finalist, you can keep your routine as it is, or try to improve in using the feedback the judges gave on the video submission.
Cassie done an amazing job! She worked very hard on improving her routine after becoming a finalist with the help with private lessons with our instructors and by practicing A LOT! Cassie’s weaknesses were her flexed feet; however from her pictures you can tell how hard she worked on her feet and leg lines which looked absolutely beautiful! Cassie also worked very VERY hard on the performance element of her piece, displaying a lot of emotion in her movements.
The piece was beautiful to watch and we are very proud of Cassie!
We also have Tilly and Beth Competing in Aerial Hoop 30th July at Aerial theatre this month and we are very proud of them both being finalists!
All our Bliss Students so far have won the competitions they have been a finalist in! So we are extremely proud 🙂
If you are interested in competing, talk to one of our Instructors or perhaps think about performing in our November show to get a taste for choreography and performing.