For July we have decided to trial a new way of booking classes.
Often people are getting confused with “memberships” and “courses”
So here is what we are trying….
Class packs!
You can buy you classes in packs, ranging from 1 – 12 classes. The prices are still the same as before.
You will purchase your pack, then individually book onto your classes using the calendar. You will have to do this week by week. This also means you can pick and choose what sessions you come to, so can change week by week! No same session each week for a month!!
However! we will check lists the beginner of each class to ensure you are booked on. We will no longer be taking cash payments.
We hope this helps and makes booking a little easier 🙂

Class Packages (from July) 
1 Class – £8
2 Classes – £15
4 Classes – £30
8 Classes – £45
12 Classes – £55
Purchase your class(es) packages on the booking system, then book each of your classes individually. You can choose a different session each week, however it is your responsibility to book on to each class. All classes have to be used in ONE CALENDAR MONTH.
Private Lessons 
£20 1 person
£10 per person for 2-7