So as most of you know,  Bliss Dance owner Amanda Dawn has successfully got into the final for the UKs first Pole Theatre competition in the semipro Art cateogory.
The Art category is fusing pole with a dance style and Amanda choose commercial dance.
Training is going well, and Amanda has finiahed her routine but has 3 weeks to build the strength and fitneas needed to complwte the routine with fluidity, poise and character.
Amanda has had private lessons with several dance and pole instructors to create the best routine possible and get feedback throughout training.
As well as teaching pole, aerial hoop, burlesque and commercial dance here at Bliss,  Amanda also teaches 5 indoor cycling, 1 kettlebells and 1 pilates class a week on top of a hours pole theatre training. Because of this Amanda needs a percise diet to ensure her body gets everything she needs. Amanda follows the Poletrition plan which is a nutrition programme designed for pole athletes.
It helps to lose body fat, increase flexibility and increase strength.
So with 3 weeks to go, training and nutrition is on the up. 90 minutes training six times a week, no nights out, alcohol and minimal sugar plus a minimum of three litres water a day!
Bliss Student Kiya is also in the final in the amteur devision of pole classique which is sex pole! Kiya won the semi finals at a live event and done sooo well! Amandas was a video entryand she came inthe top 5 out of12 applicants.
We will keep youall posted on the competition šŸ™‚
We will share more shots and a video of her final performance including a competitiom vlog.
Thanks for reading!