Well the show is well and truly over! I cannot believe it was almost a week ago!
We had around 60 ladies – YES 60!!! in our show this year! Last year we only had 30!
The shows are growing year to year and I love the fact that after a little push 😉 from myself and the instructors, we slowly convince our lovely ladies to take part in the show and they LOVE IT!
Shows fill you with confidence, giving you something to work towards! and there is nothing better than having the support of your friends and family cheering you along!
Shows have a great vibe, your form stronger friendships with your Bliss Peers and just have a fantastic time! lots of rehearsal and backstage banter, laughs and just over all Blissfulness!
We had such amazing feedback from everyone who came to watch (a sold out 240 seats I must add!) and I cannot wait to create an even bigger and better show next year.
We had our first lot of children’s Aerial Hoop in the show which was FANTASTIC! they done myself and their families proud!
Next years show will be September and the theme will be ‘Decades’
So think of iconic music from different decades, think Motown, 80s pop, 90s! have some fun!
katt kids
The show will be huge pieces with loads going on so room for people new to performing to have smaller group or solo spots in.
Thank you again for making my dreams come true and taking part in the Bliss Show.
Love and well wishes,
Amanda Dawn