There is resistance training and then there is functional training
In Pole and Aerial Hoop we use body weight which is fantastic and great for functional training.
Using your body weight for resistance is awesome because you walk around all day holding your body weight so that makes sense right..? its functional.
What is Functional Movement/Training?
In short, its making sure our body is even and, well…functional!
No muscle imbalances in strength or flexibility which could potentially lead to future injuries. Being able to complete everyday movements such as twisting/rotation/lifting/sitting etc pain free and in control. Often we get strong on one side than the other in many sports such as Pole, in time this for example, can create back or shoulder issues as one side is literally taking all the weight! and the other may tighten up and lead to a posture imbalance. etc etc etc!
This is why it is super important that we train equally both sides in Pole and Aerial Hoop – regardless if it feels wrong or horrid – it has to be done! lecture over 😉

How do I know if I move functionally?
There are functional movement tests that can be done, normally in the form of an overhead squat. I am trained to assess this if you wish during a 121 session and help to identify any imbalances you may have and how to correct them.
How is Pole and Aerial Hoop Resistance Training good for us?

Pole and Aerial Hoop recruit a number of muscles for each move, transition and trick, meaning your whole body gets stronger quicker, is more functional and burns more calories in each move and even at rest. As mentioned, if we train our body equally, disciplines of this kind are fantastic for posture, alignment and mobility.
People often ask me if lifting weight will aid Pole and Hoop…?
This is a tricky one, yes, to some degree as it would make you stronger. But it depends on HOW you are lifting weights, if you are lifting them for endurance or strength (that is a long topic and lesson) besides, Pole uses both Endurance and Power/Strength.
What can we do at home?
I suggest to our Blissettes that the best home training is body weight, because thats ultimately what we use in Bliss Pole and Aerial Hoop classes. Of course, it goes without saying that before and after each session you need to effectively warm up and cool down, because if not, you can cause more imbalances, problems and injuries.
So simple exercises such a Planks, Squats, Tricep Dips, Leg raises and Press-ups are fantastic for Aerial Conditioning.
How do YOU train without a Pole or Aerial Hoop?
I personally do a little circuit , especially when I am on holiday and do not want to lose too much strength. I like short, hard workouts such as HITT training methods.
An example would be:
30 seconds of each with no break
Squats (legs and bum)
Press ups (chest and shoulders)
Plank (core)
lunges right left (legs and bum)
lunges left leg (legs and bum)
tricep dips (triceps)
dorsal (back) raises
1 minute break then repeat 3-4 times. I do this so its a cardio workout as well, but you could do 3 sets of 12 repetition or each move with a 30 second rest between sets for more of a Muscular Strength Endurance workout. I could do many different variations with these movements.
What can I do for you?
If you would like more help on this, you can book a 121 session with myself to use for anything I teach as well as Personal Training to compliment your training. Sessions are £15 per hour.
Amanda Dawn