Now I have a soft spot for new Mums, I am not a Mother myself, however I get the sense it can often be lonely, tiring and you need a little ‘me’ time
Well Bliss is here to the rescue!!
Mum & Baby Fit4Circus
Fit4 Circus is our new Circus based fitness classes combining strength and cardio exercises for a full body workout!
But the best bit if you can bring Baby along in a car seat or pram whilst you workout, have fun and meet new friends!!
Fit4Circus includes the following:
Aerial Hoop
High Intensity Interval Training
Suspension Training
Body Weight Training
and with our Mummys we use the babies as weights too!!
Also have a little relaxation at the end!
Taught by Amanda Dawn:
Qualified in:
Aerial Hoop
Pole Fitness
Pre/Post Natal Fitness
Personal Training
Exercise to Music
and several more!!
Please contact us for more information
Coming to daytimes soon…
Potential time slots
Tuesday 10-1045am
Wednesday 930-1015am or 1130am-1215pm
Other days can be requested.