New Pricing
As we offer more and more, we want to cater for all and make it more affordable for you guys to live and breathe Bliss Dance, so we have created an unlimited membership
Bronze – 1 Pole/Hoop class a week for four weeks – £30
Silver – 2 Pole/Hoop classes a week for four weeks – £45
Gold – 3 Pole/Hoop classes a week for four weeks – £50
Platinum – Unlimited Pole/Hoop & all classes for four weeks – £55
For just £55 a month you can attend unlimited Pole and Aerial Hoop courses plus our weekend classes! All we ask is that you do not book a space on everything and not turn up, if this happens we will have to discontinue the Platinum membership.
Our Platinum membership works out at just £13.75 per week.
If you attend three pole classes and one aerial hoop class a week that works out as £4.50 per class then your weekend classes for FREE!