181088_10151387985978253_1980832209_nOn Saturday 6th April 2013, Myself and Bliss student Kiya Jacobs competed in our first competition. Kiya competed in Intermediate Aerial Hoop (Kiya has only been doing aerial hoop lessons since January 2013) and I competed in Advanced Aerial Hoop (I have been doing aerial hoop since September 2013 and had to enter advance as I am an instructor)   The competition we entered was Emma’s Pole Dancing Competition in Derby. Emma decided to add the two aerial hoop categories due to the disciplines growing attraction. 320042_10152712175950416_446870175_n   The experience was great, everyone supported each other. As well as Aerial Hoop there was several pole categories with several pole schools attending.   I had been very nervous since entering the competition and several times wanted to withdraw my entry due to nerves, however since competing I highly recommend everyone has a go! why… because it gives you something to work towards, you get feedback from top people in the industry on how to improve. It may upset you if you read something you don’t like but then that will motivate you to improve!   Here are the results from the competition… Amateur 1st Charlotte Burrows 2nd Sharon Burton … Intermediate 1st Nikki Annison 2nd Kim Kim Simpson Advanced 1st Zoe Haslam 2nd Angela Martin Doubles 1st Leah Walters and Rachel Breheney 2nd Rose-a Lisa and Zoe Ednay Expert 1st Jasmin Golding-Piper 2nd Amy cowels Intermediate hoop 1st Cara-Leigh Sisson 2nd abi maddocks Advanced hoop 1st Amy Williams 2nd Emily smith I placed 4th in my category which I am super happy with as it was my first ever competition and I have not been hooping that long. Here is my summery of scores.   534910_10151389090418253_1216507140_n I am extremely proud of Kiya, she done sooo well! our videos are available to watch on our facebook page! If you seriously want to improve in pole and/or aerial hoop then I do highly recommend taking part in a competing or one of our showcases! (our next showcase is Friday 31st May 2013)   Finally a big thank you to fellow Bliss Dance instructor Amanda and Bliss Student Alice for coming along and supporting us Well done to all the competitors and winners! and thank you to the judges for lovely feedback and to Emma for putting on a fantastic competition 🙂 559046_10151387945298253_711888893_n