Bliss Pole Fit or Bliss Pole Course?
pole fitness
Many of you are asking what is the difference!?!
Well both of them increase strength and fitness but they do have a significant difference.
A Bliss Pole Course teaches you Pole moves, tricks, transitions, spins, climbs and short routines.
Bliss Pole Fit – well, it makes you fit! Using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), you will be taught different exercises to do at 100% effort for a set amount of time with a short rest period.
Pole Fit 1
The HIIT training method dramatically burns fat, increases cardiovascular fitness and shapes your body. Because the class is Pole based to, it will significantly improve your strength and Pole ability as well as your fitness for Aerial Hoop classes too.
I, myself (Amanda Dawn) am a qualified Fitness tutor, Personal trainer and Group Exercise Profession and use HIIT training in most of the classes I teach. For example I use HIIT in my Indoor cycling and Kettlebell classes as well as, of course, my own Fitness Concept Diva-Cise. It is the best method of training in my opinion as it suits all fitness goals.
The lovely Sasha is currently teaching our Sunday 1030-1130am Pole Fit sessions at Bliss Dance Nuneaton and our ladies our loving them!

“The exercises are feeling easier already – I have really noticed a difference in just three sessions” Danielle
So why not give it ago? Bliss Pole Fit Sundays 1030-1130am £4 or included in Silver/Gold
YOU GET YOUR FIRST SESSION FREE! Just message us to book 🙂
Amanda Dawn