So many of you may of noticed my weight loss since January. I have done this through a mixture of better eating choices, resistance training, loads more Pole training and conditioning plus extra walking and HIIT training.
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Now HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.
This can be done in a number of ways:
– Using cardio equipment such as Rowers and Treadmills
– Using the outdoors for running/jogging/walking
– Using weights, resistance balls and weights
– Using your body weight as resistance
– Using equipment such as Bars, Pole and Aerial Hoop (think Bliss Dance Fit4Circus)
Now I have used a variety of these, my workouts rarely repeat, this is for two reasons, I am easily bored and also it keeps my body in check so it does not get used to anything.
Benefits of HIIT training
– Quick and effective (you only do up to 20 minutes at a time! so no room for excuses)
– Raises your metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after your workout, meaning you burn more calories
– Increases cardiovasuclar fitness
– Burns heaps of fat, even after the workout is finished
So how do you do HIIT?
So choose your exercise or exercises, perform that exercise as HARD as you can for 30 seconds (has to be so difficult you cant have a conversation at the same time), then you have 30 seconds rest and repeat for 15-20 minutes
30 seconds Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds rest
30 seconds Burpees – 30 seconds rest
30 seconds Plank – 30 seconds rest
repeat five more times = 15 minutes! done!
Pole example:
30 seconds Pole Pogos – 30 seconds rest
30 seconds Alternating Pole Fan Kicks – 30 seconds rest
30 Seconds Pole Knee Ab Raises – 30 seconds rest
repeat five more times = 15 minutes!
You can do three exercises, four, five, or even 15-20 different ones!
Make sure you have a try at Fit4Circus when it returns in September to try a Aerial HIIT Workout!
Make sure you warm up and cool down before hand and let me know how you get on!!
Take a sweaty after pic and tag me in your Instagram 😉
I am a qualified Personal Training and Nutritional and Weight Management Level 3. Our 121/private lessons can also be made for Personal Training where I can train you and write you a plan to complete at home 🙂
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