We are changing things up for June!! Adding more classes for all abilities!
Final June Timetable
445-515pm kids aerial play 4-8yrs £20 for 4 week course
515-6pm kids aerial 8-12yrs £20 for 4 week course
630-730pm Beginner Pole
630-730pm Intermediate 1 Hoop
730-830pm Intermediate Pole
730-830pm Beginner Hoop
830-915pm BD Burlesque Bliss £4
830-930pm Intermediate 2 Pole
630-730pm Advanced Pole
730-830pm Intermediate 2 Hoop
730-830pm Beginners Pole
830-930pm BD Fitness Pilates £4
12-1 Mixed Pole
530-630pm Intermediate Pole
630-730pm Intermediate 1 Pole
730-830pm Intermediate 1 Hoop
830-930pm BD Hip Hop £4
830-930pm Advanced Pole
630-730pm Beginner Pole
730-830pm BD Commercial Dance £5
830-930pm Intermediate 1 Pole
Sunday pole to be confirmed.
We are not using the Gold membership this month, the Silver membership will include two aerial classes and the BD classes too! so a bit more saving for you!
Pole Levels
Beginner – for brand new students learning spins and climbs
Intermediate 1 – must have completed at least one beginner course, be able to do all beginner spins, climb and sit. You will learn moves such as invert chopper, gemini, scorpio, butterfly and flatline.
Intermediate 2 – must have completed gemini, scorpio, flatline, chopper and butterfly. You will learn moves such as extended butterfly, superman, hang back, Allegra and begin to shoulder mount.
Advanced – must have completed all intermediate 2 moves. You will learn to shoulder mount, handspring, twisted grip and more moves along that theme!
Bronze – £30
Course of four one hour sessions choosing from Pole or Aerial Hoop. Same session each week for four consecutive weeks.
Silver – £45
Include two pole/hoop courses. Must stick to the same sessions each week.
For June the silver membership will include our BD classes too.
Our online booking system will be launched this week so stay tuned! You will now book and pay for your classes online! making everything simple and easy for you 🙂