BootyCamp is a Boot camp style express 30 minute fitness class aimed at ladies wanting to become BootyLicious! The class takes place at Bliss Dance & Fitness Studios in Nuneaton
The class may only be 30 minutes long, but it certainly packs a punch!
Fitness Benefits:

  • Core strengthening exercises
    All our exercises are functional and use the core (back and abdominals) throughout
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
    Each set of exercises uses a different group of muscles, giving different muscles groups a rest between sets but keeping the heart rate elevated
  • Increased overall body strength
    Our class has a full body approach and all major muscle groups are worked
  • Increase muscle tone
    Due to our strengthening and fat burning exercises – do not be surprised to see more muscle definition after a few classes
  • Fat burning exercises
    Using functional bodyweight exercises for the whole 30 minutes to burn fat
  • Confidence Building
    Small class environment of around 15 participants. The class gets very supportive, social and fun. Attending any fitness or dance class regularly will increase confidence, body confidence in particular

What happens during the class?
The room is divided into two halves, one matted and one standing. The class then perform a series of 30 second exercises before swapping sides. Exercise examples include squats, jumping jacks and planks. We always offer easier/harder modifications to cater for all abilities. We do not use a Military approach but will motivate you.
The class has a fab, supporting, motivating environment all with some banging tunes to keep us going!
Who is the class for?
Everyone 18yrs plus! All fitness abilities are welcome. This class is great for improving cardiovascular fitness, burning fat, toning up and creating a strong core.
This class is perfect for those enrolled on our Pole Dancing classes, as well as Aerial Hoop due to the wide range of strengthening exercises. However we have many participants who do not attend our Pole Dancing or Aerial Hoop Classes and just attend for a feel good, fat burning and strengthening workout.
What do I wear?
Gym style, comfortable clothing and trainers are needed for the class as well as a bottle of water for hydration. You may wish to bring your own exercise mat.
The class is fab and fun. Its a great supportive environment with ladies from all walks of life, all ages and all fitness abilities and goals. The class currently features twice a week on our timetable (this may change) and has been very popular. Participants have lost inches and lbs in just a couple of weeks (some of these participants also attending Pole Fitness and/or Aerial Hoop classes) Daytime classes are in plans so if this is something you are interested in I urge you to contact us.
The best bit…
The class is just £2 so what are you waiting for? get in touch and try it out! its only 30 minutes! Our Get Bendy class is also 30 minutes and features before/after the BootyCamp class