I think just about everyone has heard the term Clean Eating now

So what is it? What does it mean? and why is it so important?
Clean eating put simple, is food in its purest form, cooked correctly and not processed. Nothing artificial or rubbish added.
Our food is full of crap these days, simple, long life connivence food which have absolutely no nutrients in what so ever.
We are eating utter rubbish and wonder why our health is deteriorating, more people are developing Diabetes, Obesity and Heart problems.
Eating crap is cheap
But I do not blame us. You go into a shop for a standard size chocolate bar for 60p, or you can buy 3 or 4 for £1 – even I would buy £1 worth!
I had this conversation with my Boyfriend the other day, I LOVE red peppers and they cost 69p each and then I saw a pack of six hot cross buns for 75p…hmmm it just does not add up to most people!
People have it in their heads that eating health, clean food costs so much more – but it does not have to!
There are no quick fixes to health and weight loss – you can do the latest quick fix, health/slimming club and lose weight – great, but then regain it and get other health issues along the way…?
My bad eating background
I have a bad history with eating and weight loss, having suffered (like most) some issues. I had a brush with anorexia but got away and beat it before it consumed me. However I have always had low self esteem and issues with my weight ever since and is why I am in the job I am now – to help people feel healthy and amazing.
My personal battle was linked to calorie counting and over exercising. Calorie counting is just not the way! I stuck to 800 calories a day and worked out between 1-4 hours per day. But I pulled through!
Does calorie counting work?
3-4 years ago I lost three stone – I was as I am now, a qualified health and fitness professional. I used a popular APP to manage my calories. it was fab and I lost loads of weight and felt great. However, I look back at pictures and do not like what I saw. I had no muscle tone, no boobs and no bum (those who know me know I have a massive butt).
I stuck to the calorie guide and ate what I wanted – exactly – what I wanted NOT what was good for me. convenience food! I love snacking so I ate several packs of breakfast biscuits again, chicken and veg and then a small bag of malteaser every day and a low calorie hot chocolate plus low fat yoghurts… in other words
A few months later I regained all the weight anyway, as I was not giving my body what it needed teaching several exercise classes a day and surviving on 1200 calories a day…shameful. I should of known better given my past!
So eventually I discovered clean eating. This one worked for me. No restrictions on amount and no calorie counting that would put me back into bad habits.
So how did clean eating work for me?
I cut out:
Dairy – Gluten – Sugar – Caffeine
So that includes pre made sauces, condiments, mayonnaise all sorts! Start checking labels! see what you are putting in your body!
Sugar is the devil! But I will do a whole post on that in the near future!
The first week, excuse my language, I felt like shit! until about day 4 when I suddenly had this burst of energy, slept better, exercised harder and just felt awesome! I lost about 11lbs and over a dress size in just 4 short weeks. My training improved as well as my mood, skin and everything about my life. I know that sounds dramatic but its true
I did lose SO MUCH WEIGHT! it was unreal and felt amazing! until I slipped into bad habits (when I get down I comfort eat – I am human after all!) and due to a medical condition had to go back on a treatment which always makes me gain weight (the condition is also linked to my teen issues – long story for another day)
So at the moment I am middle ground – I am not too small and not too big. I feel healthy and happy and know my body is nourished. I always start the day with a nutrient packed smoothie to ensure I get my quota of veg!
How do I start?
There are two options – cold turkey, get that first week all done and dusted and get your results sooner.
If you have big dependencies such as drinking several teas or coffees a day – start small.
Perhaps cut your caffeine intake by half for a week, then cut it out altogether the following week. Same with sugar. I personally prefer all or nothing for me as I know by the end of the week the addiction and toxins have gone, my taste buds have changed and I am ready for the nutrition.
Can you do it cheaply?
Yes, yes you can. You have to be prepared. What’s that old saying
“fail to plan, plan to fail”


On a Sunday night I can be found in my kitchen prepping food for the week ahead, such as cooking big batches of Brown Rice, Quinoa, boiling eggs, chopping veg, cooking off lean chicken etc. As it is just myself and my boyfriend, a whole roast chicken will be dinner with some veg and enough for a chicken salad or chicken sandwich for him (I don’t eat gluten)! and depending on the size of the chicken, often I will boil the remains and make a chicken soup with some frozen chopped veg and healthy stock cubes and onion. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

The Bliss Drop a Dress Programme follows the clean eating guidelines with recipes, shopping lists, tips on eating on a budget and added extras such as educating about the benefits of water and certain foods and costs a one off payment of just £15. The next programme starts Monday 18th May with the sign up by Wednesday 13th May.

Amanda Dawn