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What is Diva-Cise?

Do you need to of previously earned your Diva-Ship wings?

Do you need to be able to Dance?

Do you need to be able to Twerk?

Do you need to be a certain Size?

One answer for all of the above NO!

What you do need is – you just you! (and a smile)

Diva-Cise is the brain child of Bliss Dance Director Amanda Dawn

(in others words – ME!)


Having limited slots on the Bliss Dance timetable, Blissette were asking for Commercial Dance, Cardio classes, Street Dance, Interval Training and Twerking! There was no way I could fit all those in! Then one a plane journey to go on holiday I had a light bulb moment and Diva-cise was born! By the time my four hour flight had landed, I had already create four routines in my head (I must of looked strange bobbing around in my seat)

Diva-Cise has a set of 15 core moves which are inspired from Street and Commercial dance as well as Twerking and some Diva inspired posing.


Diva-Cise is taught in an Interval Training format. As from my previous posts, you should all know how good interval training is for you – but lets recap:

– Raises heart rate
– Burns lots of fat
– Little rest periods
– Raises the heart rate
– Improve heart recover time (gets you fitter)

The list goes on.

In Diva-Cise we have what us Fit Pros call Active Recovery – so you are resting but still moving at the same time = more calorie burn!

Diva-Cise is set to upbeat, awesome music – well it is chosen by me 😉

wpid-photogrid_1394055591032.jpgIt is super, duper fun! It does not matter is you look stupid trying to Twerk because lets face it – most people look stupid Twerking! Its never a move that you would describe as beautiful really is it?!?

Get yourself along – try out your first class FREE I guarantee that:
– You will have lots of un
– You will laugh
– You wont feel self conscious as everyones doing the same
– You will sweat
– You will burn fat and calories
– You will be a Diva
– You will feel AWESOME!

Diva-Cise at Bliss Dance, Thursdays 615-7pm £4 or included in Silver/Gold.


Diva-Cise Instructor training is also available in May at Bliss Dance if you wish to become a Diva-Cise instructor. Contact me for more information.

Amanda Dawn