So why should you start Pole Dancing at Bliss Dance Nuneaton??
Firstly…..Why not!?!?!?
IN ALL SERIOUSNESS here are A FEW of the benefits of Pole Dancing Classes:
Benefits of Pole Dancing:
Increased Flexibility
Fat Loss
Calorie Burn
Increased Strength
Build Confidence
Meet loads of new friends
Improved co-ordination
Improved posture
Learn a new skill
Learn to dance
Sense of achievement
Learn to be AWESOME!
Pole Dancing Classes at Bliss Dance are ADDICTIVE! Each move you learn you want to MASTER! You only share a pole with one other person at Bliss Dance Nuneaton Pole Classes – that begin said – you make friends with the whole of your group. The groups have a maximum of 12 people per class for the whole four weeks – because of this the classes are great for meeting new people, the groups are always so supportive and so much fun!
We make each week of your four week course different so you learn Strength, Routines, Spinning Pole and Basic Moves.
And if thats not enough – once a year we put on a FANTASTIC SELL OUT SHOW and each and every student of Bliss Dance has the opportunity – if they wish – to take part!
Most people do not join classes due to low self esteem and confidence – if that is your reason you NEED Bliss Dance classes. Scroll through our reviews on our Facebook page to see how Bliss improves your confidence.fran
We have every age, shape, size person you can think of in ALL our lessons. You only life once. Get to one of our upcoming Pole Tasters and start your Pole Journey 🙂
We have tasters Sunday 4th January for Pole Dancing and Aerial Hoop for just £5 per person per class!
Feel free to contact us through the contact page for any further questions.