Pole Fitness

(16yrs+) What is a Pole Dance Fitness Class???

Pole Fitness is a fun class that is seriously addictive!
Pole classes are very progressive, so you will achieve many mini-milestones along the way!

Many join alone and others in groups. Whichever way you join, you will make new friends, learn new skills and get fit along the way.

Pole Dancing is particularly great for toning and defining your arms, shoulders, back and abs as well as increasing flexibility!!

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We also offer themed classes

Pole Flow

Pole Flow is a pole dance routine class. Working on and around the pole using; the floor, spins, sits and climbs to learn a flowing pole dance routine. Legwarmers and/or knee pads recommended due to floor work.

 Pole Heelography

Strap on some heels and learn how to dance and pole in heels. Learn a more authentic style of Pole dance. Over 18s only. Legwarmers and/or knee pads are recommended due to floor work. Must wear heels made for dance/pole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pole dancing needs your skin to grip the pole, therefore shorts are best. If that is too much to bare then start of wearing leggings/none baggy clothing.

Water/squash (no fizzy drinks), and some warm layers such as a jumper. We often include floor exercises too, we do have mats however some participants prefer to bring their own.